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I've been chosen as a cadet...

I'd like to thank the Sanctuary Lakes Foundation and their Board for offering me a cadetship.

The Sanctuary Lakes Foundation’s origins occurred in the early stages of the development of the Sanctuary Lakes Resort. It was envisaged that the Foundation would serve as a vehicle to develop young elite golfers within the golf club. As time went by the Foundation’s objectives were broadened with an increased emphasis on junior development not only in golf but also in other sports and the arts. Young people, under the age of 23, from the western suburbs of Melbourne are able to apply to the foundation for support at any time.

Cadets are rated on achievement, progress toward their goals, quality of presentation, the definition of specific goals, and perceived potential to achieve the stated goals. The committee reviews each submission and submits an evaluation to the entire Foundation Board for approval. I'm incredibly honoured to have been chosen as a cadet and thank the Foundation on their wonderful initiative.

I look forward to representing the Foundation to the best of my ability and catching up with the other cadets on my return. The past week has been very exciting and I will update you all in my next post. Thanks as always...

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