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Corporate Companions

"Please consider joining me on My Journey as a Corporate Companion"

In 2016 the RNZYS developed a new pathway for youth sailors into professional multihull sailing with its ‘Performance Programme’.  This programme was developed to take the top sailors from various classes and give them the skills to compete at an international level in foiling catamarans. In its first year the programme was incredibly successful, seeing six of the ten man squad selected to compete in the 2017 Youth Americas Cup, and also saw the formation of the first ever New Zealand team competing on the Extreme Sailing Series; NZ Extreme Sailing Team.


The next stage of this programme’s development was to open the course and foiling up to the wider sailing community through the launch of the International Foiling Camp. The camp is a month-long, live in, crash course in racing foiling multi hulls and is limited to only ten sailors.

I’m incredibly proud and honoured to announce that I have been one of those selected!


Having spent most of my childhood sailing out of Royals I have come to realise that sailing is an integral part of my life and I would relish the opportunity to follow my passion on an international stage. This opportunity provides a clear pathway towards a future career in sailing and a chance to follow other Royal Yacht Club of Victoria Members and fly the Club Burgee; both at this event and many more to come.

As with all such opportunities, everything comes with a cost and the month-long camp attracts a participant fee of NZ$8,000. Now that I have officially turned 18, this responsibility is mine and I am looking for Corporate Companions to join with me as part of My Journey.


This is the first step towards my future in sailing and I am writing to you in the hope that you will agree to be part of My Journey. Sports sponsorship is viewed by many Company Directors in simple terms – what’s in it for me and my Company? Rather than the usual promise of logos on sails, uniforms, boat names, corporate events and websites I would prefer to ask your organisation to become an integral part of this adventure.

What I can offer you and your Company for a small contribution is inclusion as my Corporate Companion on this journey. Logo Hyperlink and product endorsement on all Social and other media (including this blog site) , Company promotion whenever the opportunity presents itself, personalised & exclusive updates for your staff and yourself and my enduring gratitude for helping me to achieve my lifelong dream.

Should you be willing and able to contribute and become a part of My Journey I would love to hear from you. All donations are tax-deductible through the Australian Sports Foundation and your support could make a lifetime of difference!

Please contact me or on mobile 0403 346 473 for more information. Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

Best Regards,


Louis Schofield

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